Bergeron D'Amboise

This is a record of the Acadian Bergeron and Damboise families, descendants of Barthelemy Bergeron d'Amboise and Genevieve Serreau de Saint-Aubin. Others are welcome to input items (other than responses, term paper quality); send queries to Provide references! The flags are those of the Northern (left) & Southern (Louisiana) Acadians, taken from Yvon Cyr's website,

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11 January 2006

OK, here's the situation.

Please be patient. This is a new blog, begun on 11 January 2006. Content will grow....

In the meantime, I invite you to view "Three Acadian Generations" located at:

All the data in this article will eventually be here also. But there will also be additional information, amplifications, and new data as they are discovered.

Submitters: please put in a family history format. I will arrange items in a chronological/generalogical sequence.

Rich Bergeron


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